Reflector RL - a tactical game of lasers and mirrors
In Reflector RL you are limited to moving and shooting in the 4 cardinal directions. Enemies, however, can move and attack in all 8 directions. To make up for this limitation, you can throw reflectors, which reflect your attack 90 degrees, or splitters, which split an incoming beam into 2 going out the sides.

Reach floor 5 and destroy the enemy factories to win!

Development log


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Nice clean UI, and i loved having all the keys handy.  This game is really hard - can you beat it?


Thanks! I almost beat it once... But I'm not normally very good at roguelikes, so I figured that was about right


VICTORY! (Sneaky victory message in the log. I should make that more obvious...)

Cool idea! And pretty hard. Just a heads up, the log window cuts off some of the text here (Chrome, Windows 10) in an unfortunate way... 

Thanks for the heads up. I'll add that to my cleanup list