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Devlog 10
This week was devoted to some non-game tasks, such as improving the page here on and the blog at . With that done, I'm excited...
Devlog 9
This week I finished up the post-release refactoring I wanted to do. There’s always more that could be done, but I’m going to call it there for now. I’ve...
Devlog 8
I’ve taken this first week after the alpha 1 release to reward myself with some code refactoring. I’ve cleaned up a lot of things that were bothering, and I...
Alpha 1: They Come at Night Released!
Alpha 1: They Come at Night You can now play the first alpha release over on ! Here’s what it all includes: Defend your colony from the waves of drone...
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Devlog 7
I’ll keep this one nice and short. This week I made a lot of small balance and UX changes. The first alpha is now out and available on!...
Devlog 6
This was a pretty light week, with just a few small UX improvements. Here's what's new: Remember the last direction you were aiming when activated laser By defa...
Devlog 5
Balancing and playtesting continues. There is now a night and day cycle. Currently that only means that enemies spawn at night. In the future other systems will...
Devlog 4
This was a bit of a light week. I finished up all the UX changes I want for the initial release and got started with some balancing. It’s all playtesting from...

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