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New Enemies and Better AI
Lots of progress towards Alpha 3 this month. I implemented all of the new enemies, bringing the total from 1 to 5: Soldier: basic enemy that is already in the g...
Sound Effects and 7DLR
Where I’ve Been It’s been a while since I posted here. As planned, I did not work on Reflector much in March. Most of the month was spent preparing for the...
Reflector February 2021: Graphical Improvements
Behind the scenes refactoring continues, but I also made some improvements to the graphics. Here’s a gif demonstrating many of the improvements: The player, e...
Reflector January 2021: Tutorial and Release
I spent the first part of this month planning, building, and testing the new interactive tutorial. That has been released along with all the other changes from...
Alpha 2.1: Tutorial Released!
Four months in the making, Alpha 2.1 is finally here! Here's what it all includes: - An interactive tutorial to teach the basics - Full keyboard support. Play w...
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Reflector December 2020: Tutorial Incoming
This month, I finished everything I want for the Alpha 2.1 release, except I’ve decided to add one more thing: an interactive tutorial. I’m not currently co...
Reflector Novemeber 2020: Hotkeys Everywhere
For alpha 2, the game was mostly playable with only keyboard, but there were a few menus and miscellaneous controls that were mouse only. Much of this month was...
Reflector October 2020: Working Towards 2.1
Short update this time around. As planned, I’ve slowed down the pace of development a bit after the release of Alpha 2. I’m working on incorporating feedbac...
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Hi, I just found your game while searching for space outpost theme games on /r/roguelike. It's fun and interesting and t...
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